Yuki Tomoe
Character Info
Age 13
Specie Demon
Gender Male
Birthday 9/16
Height 170 cm
Blood Type O
Hair Color Cyan
Eye Color Lavender
Occupation Idol
Relatives Sakutaro Sakurai (Fiancé)

Yoru Sakurai (Son)

Idol Info
Type Cool and Sexy
Seiyuu Hiroshi Kamiya
Singer Yuichiro Umehara
Yuki Tomoe (birthname: Asmodeus Tomoe, Demon of Lust) is an idol and main character of the user of the same name.


He has a devious personality, which often switches out with a more shy and cute personality, which makes people think he's strange. He can be helpful at times, but chooses not to be. He's also very touchy-feely, as seen in episode two. He can be serious when it involves Seto, though.


  • Sakutaro Sakurai: His childhood friend and lover. They get along well, and are really close.
  • Seto Vessalius: Seto is Yuki's younger half-brother, whom lost his memories and left the family prior to the series.
  • Hajime Fujiwara: He gives Hajime advice on how to confess to Seto.
  • Kousuke Ryūgamine: Though their exact relationship isn't shown, the two often fight.
  • Oracle: Wants nothing to do with her. Unfortunately for him, Oracle often appears around him, which makes him very mad.


Yuki's aura consists of multicolored roses, snowflakes, and black feathers. If it progresses, a cyan chain arch will appear along with blue teardrops.


Yuki'smfirst six years of life where happy, as his parents were still alive, and he lived peacefully with his parents, older brother Koji, and half-younger brother Seto. At some point, his parents died, and Seto went to live with the his uncle. He joined Rainbow Academy, and spent one year there. He learned Seto would be coming to the school, and prepeared to meet his brother, who had forgotten about him. In the second episode, the dark plot of the story was revealed when he was the victim of an attempted rape. After the incident, he fell in love with his childhood friend, Sakutaro Sakurai.


  • Dreaming Bird
  • Rebellion Stars!
  • Mijuku Dreamer


  • His most obvious flaw is his sometimes less than energetic personality.
  • He enjoys reading BL manga.
  • He writes fanfictions in his free time.
  • He is labeled the "Adorable Angel of Death".
  • He can't sleep without a plush manatee.
  • It is revealed he is anemic in episode 3.
  • He has been murdered eight times, but his soul can create an exact replica of his body to live in within minutes.
  • He is known to read Reddit's "Nosleep".
  • It is stated that he's the kind of person who can panic at the mention of some words and ideas.
  • He is narcoleptic.
  • He does things that purposefully make the reader think if doing the wrong thing will resort in a better outcome, this is to deepen AiColor's subtle themes of sensitive topics, and how something should be handled.


Character Name for Him Name for Them
Himself "Ore" ~
Sakutaro Sakurai "Yuki" "Sakkun"
Makoto Kagemaki "Yuki"