Main Information

  • Song - Swear To~ (Character song of Oz Vessalius from Pandora Hearts)
  • Stage: Secret Forest Stage

Before the Live

Seto: Today everything I've been fighting for it will start!

Seto run to the Fitting Room and put his ID and his Aikatsu! cards changing into his coord and then poses.


~On The Stage~

The music start to sound. Then, Seto starts to move and his aura appears.

-Tokei no hari ga urusai n da yugamidasu gozen 0 ji n

(The clock's hand is noisy and begins bending towards 0 a.m.)

-Kagami no oku ni hisomu yami no ashioto ga kikoesou na ki ga shite

(I feel like I can hear the footsteps of the darkness that lurks in the inner part of the mirror.)

-Shoumetsu shita hazu kodoku no hahen, (Before I know it, a fragment of loneliness that was supposed to be extinguished)

-Itsu no ma ni ka me no mae wo fusagi azawaratteiru no sa. (closes up before my eyes and sneers at me)

And just before start the chorus the center of his iris changes into a shiny star and his aura changes to his Professive aura.


-Ushinau mono nante nanimo nai to omotteta kodoku ni mo nareta tsumori de

(Things to lose, I thought I had none of those. I got accustomed to loneliness, but)

-Kimi ga ore no koto hitsuyou to suru no naraba kimi no koto kesshite hitori ni shinai

(if I'm necessary to you, then I'll definitely never leave you alone.)

-I swear to youuuuuu, forever close to youuuuu!

And Seto does his special appeal while he sings his last part.

~Special Appeal~

-Double Moon Jewel