Seto Vessalius
Kanji せと ベザリウス
Rōmaji Seto bezariussu
Character Info
Age 12
Gender Male
Birthday 2nd of December
Idol Info
Type Sexy
Seto Vessalius (瀬戸 ベザリウス Seto Bezariussu) is an idol from Aikatsu! Colorful!! Wikia.

He's a first year student at Colorful! Academy.

He's the main character of Xesc13primero


For his age, he has a normal height, he has got white skin, long dark grey hair with tourquise wicks tied with a ponytail and a ribbon on his head and calm tourquise eyes.


He's kinda solitary and fakes that she's a nice smiley person but in true he's really serious about beig an idol and hates everyone who takes it easy.


His aura is composed by a tourquise light arround him, pocket golden clocks, dark and white chess pieces and white sparkle.


  • Swear To (Pandora Hearts)
  • 0 Week Old
  • Emerald Magic
  • nth Color

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