Saionji Arisa
Saionji Arisa idol
Kanji 西園寺 アリサ
Rōmaji Saionji Arisa
Character Info
Age 15
Specie Human
Gender Female
Birthday November 1st
Height 160 cm
Blood Type AB+
Hair Color Olive
Eye Color Purple
Occupation Idol、Student
Zodiac Scorpio
Idol Info
Type Pop
Seiyuu Shimizu Ayaka
Singer Inami Anju

Saionji Arisa(西園寺 アリサ)is an idol from Aikatsu! Colorful!! Wikia,is a pop idol


Has olive color hair,short curls,purple eyes,bangs bifurcated


Lively and outgoing, aggressive strong,domineering,angry when terrible,like mischief,some naive,mischievous


Bubble around the side,meteor,candy and clouds.


  • BRAND NEW WORLD(Prizmmy☆)
  • Impulse!
  • If only once in love


  • Blue Sky March Coord
  • Mint Chocolate Ice Coord
  • Summer Suspenseful☆Adventure Coord

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