Saikai-hen (Lit. Reunion Chapter) is the first arc of Aikatsu! Colorful!!. It focuses mainly on all of the characters, but the central story if the arc focuses mostly on Yuki Tomoe and Seto Vessalius.


Yuki Tomoe is a skilled idol at Rainbow Academy. His long lost sibling, Seto Vessalius enters the school. The story first plays out as a slice of life, but takes a dark turn in episode 2, when Yuki is the victim of an attempted rape.


  • Episode 1: Full of Color! Rainbow Academy!
  • Episode 2: I Won't Get Any Sleep Tonight
  • Episode 3: Fate's Blood-Red Threads
  • Episode 4: Tears, Tragedy, and Bloodlust
  • Episode 5: She's Here
  • Episode 6: Sakebe