Osanai Kokoro
Osanai Kokoro
Kanji 小山內 こころ
Rōmaji Koyama 內 Kokoro
Character Info
Age 15
Specie Human
Gender Female
Birthday November 21th
Height 160 cm
Blood Type O+
Hair Color Orange Red
Eye Color Blue Violet
Occupation Idol、Student
Zodiac Scorpio
Idol Info
Type Cute
Seiyuu Inami Anju
Singer Inami Anju
Osanai Kokoro(小山內 こころ)is an idol from Aikatsu! Colorful!! Wikia,is a cute idol


Has a orange red hair,blue violet eyes,short hair,head of the left side of the tail tied,bangs bifurcated


Kokoro is an energetic and hyper girl,who never gets tired easily,sometimes very quiet,seemingly cold、then less,in fact,very lively and outgoing,very good wins (loss of heart is very heavy)


There are a lot of love around,there are a lot of rainbows and angel feathers


  • Steps -brandnew myself-(Pripara)
  • Sugarless×Friend(Pripara)
  • Kariyama and GIRL ☆ Yeah!(Pripara)


  • Miracle Peach Coord
  • Peach Stripe Coord
  • Sweet Milky Ange Coord