Idol: Makoto Kagemaki

Coord: Dark Starter Off Coord

Song: Glass Doll

Stage: Dark Palace Stage

Special Appeal:


Coord Change

Makoto went to the changing room looking at them,hoping that the demons will see her performance.She then changed into her coord and finally appeared on stage.

Oto and the rest were watching,taking some photos and videos.

Makoto looked around and gulped.

Makoto: If she can do it,then I can too!!*does a pose to start off her performance.


Ranhansha suru manazashi
Kagamigoshi ni dare ka ga miteru no?
(People were shocked of Makoto's voice,so bold,mighty,so..devilish)
Veludo no omoi sora
Zawameku kaze ga kinō made to wa chigau no yo

Koe wo kikasete, sugata wo misete, watashi wo nigashite
Nē, kagi ga kowareta, torikago no naka hitori, zutto

Nagai monogatari yo, jibun dake ni mieru kusari ni
tsunagareta mama
Yume wo samayotteru, machikutabireta kao no,
("Special Appeal")
("Clock Circus!!)"
Glass no
hitomi ga futatsu
Mō yame ni shitai no ni, owari ga kowakute
Mata kuri kaesu no

Look on the mirror and see
who's reflected by it?
(People were shocked of Makoto's voice,so bold,mighty,so..devilish)
The rustling wind on the heavy velvet sky
is different from yesterday

Cast your voice, show your body, free me
Look, the key's broken. I'll be alone in this birdcage, forever

This is a long story as I can see I'm chained here
I wander in my dream by my longing face and both of my
("Special Appeal")
("Clock Circus!!)"
glass-like eyes
I want to quit this but I fear the end
Now, I must do it all over again

As she ended the crowd went wild,what a good show.