Character Info
Age 500 (True age)

19 (Appears)

Gender Female
Birthday 4/1
Idol Info
Type Sexy
Seiyuu Sora Tokui
Gaap (aka Reina Aishi) is a demon, and friend of Yuki. She likes to play jokes, and uses her ability to make portals to mess with people.


Gaap first appears in episode twenty, and plays a rather minor role. Since then, she became a recurring character, and is set to help defeat Beatrice.


  • Yuki: Friend.


  • Her birthday is on April Fool's Day, which is a joke on how she's a prankster.
  • In literature, Gaap is a goetic demon referenced in the Lesser Key of Solomon, Psuedomonarchia Daemonum, the Dictionnaire Infernal, and the Munich Manual of Demonic Magic, as a prince who incites love.
    • In RP, Gaap says that she used to crossdress, and was into matchmaking, which is a nod to Gaap in literature.