"Love~desu wa!"

Alice Frankenstein
Kanji アリス フランケンスティン
Rōmaji arisu furankensutin
Character Info
Age Unknown
Specie Monster; Zombie
Gender Female
Birthday 7th of January
Idol Info
Type Cute
Seiyuu Rina Hidaka
Singer Eri from STAR☆ANIS
Alice Frankenstein (アリス フランケンスティン arisu furankensutin) is a cute idol from Aikatsu! Colorful! Wikia.


She has long white-violet hair finished witth Californian wicks. Zaphire eyes and white pale skin.


Althought she seems serious and introvert, she's quite the oposite, having fun from making jokes to other people and ship a lot of people.


Her aura is formed by a pink light arround her, blue roses and silver lilies surrounding her with purple stardust and smooth crystal pink hearts.



  • Happiness on the same Earth
  • Melody of Heart
  • Aurora Princess
  • Arabian Romance


  • She can heal all her wounds.

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