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Episode 18: And When The World Ends, Happiness Will Reverberate

Having to do two episodes at once, if I ever want Nukumori to end (this is possibly the final ep for Nukumori, if I can get everyone I need to cooperate to cooperate and by everyone I mean Seto XD)

The past~

Josh: I should just give up...

Beatirce: So you've accepted that you have no choice but to be my accomplice?

Josh: I guess...

Beatrice: Good. Don't tell anyone about this. *Jumps off the top of the building, but disappears before she falls to her death*

The Present~

Yuki, Sakutaro, Hinata: *Sit down and eat*

Hajime: *Smiles up at the stars*

Mitsuo: *Reads manga*

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